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Everyone and everything has to be connected – that's our main focus.

We’re a market-leading IT-centric telecom company, delivering wireless data services through digital platforms throughout Indonesia. Our flexible and efficient model offers an exceptional customer experience at a competitive price, for both private and professional users.

Providing wireless data services to the fastest-growing markets in the industry is at the heart of our business. We focus our attentions on the digital, and have created a fully integrated back end to facilitate distribution with our strategic partners.

We use data to drive our business, ensuring we approach the right customers at the right time by geo-tracking through social media and basing our sales process on a pre-paid, cash-on-delivery system.
We aim to deliver mobile data at the lowest possible cost, while simultaneously creating future-proof networks with room for growth. We do this by building 4G LTE networks and acquiring low band spectrum, which are able to deliver 4G LTE over vast distances, and therefore create the perfect platform for large countries with diffused populations.

Contact us at +47 973 004 65 if you have any questions.


Net1 International Corporate structure

Members of the board

J.D. Fouchard


Trygve Lauvdal

Board member

CHEY Chia Chow

Board member

Lars Erik Larsson

Board member

Members of the management team

J.D. Fouchard

Interim CEO