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Investor Relations

Investor relations

Investor Relations helps ensure that shareholders, analysts and investors gain simultaneous access to accurate, clear, relevant and comprehensive information about Net1 International.

All shareholders and bondholders shall be given the possibility to obtain simultaneous and equivalent information about the company.

The group’s administration is responsible for contact with shareholders on behalf of the company. The administration may have continuous contact with larger shareholders and bondholders, and provide them with the possibility to provide direct feedback and discuss special topics. The administration process in such cases is designed to ensure consistent and simultaneous information to all shareholders and bondholders.

Net1 International shall publish accurate, clear and relevant information about the group’s historical earnings, operations and strategies. This information shall enable owners, potential investors and other market participants to draw conclusions about the value of the group.

The reporting shall follow the framework provided by the Norwegian Accounting Act and the Oslo Stock Exchange’s rules for continuing obligations for issuers of listed bonds.