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Net1 awarded additional spectrum in the Philiippines

Published: 19 July 2019

Oslo, 19 July 2019 – Net1 Philippines has been awarded further spectrum by the National Telecommunications Commission (“NTC”). The NTC has granted an additional 5MHz of spectrum on the 450MHz band, giving Net1 Philippines access to 20MHz in total on that band.

In addition, the NTC granted Net1 Philippines with 200MHz of frequency in the 24450MHz-24650MHz band, also for deployment of LTE services.

“Net1 Philippines now has contiguous spectrum from 450-470MHz. The 450MHz band is the most efficient spectrum to deploy 4G LTE data services, requiring fewer sites and hence investments, due to its propagation characteristics. Whilst the original 2 x 7.5MHz allocated in Philippines and Indonesia works perfectly well, the award of this additional spectrum in the Philippines opens up some interesting technical possibilities as we are constantly seeking to improve speeds and throughput on the network,” said JD Fouchard, Board Chairman of Net1 International Holdings AS.

“The award of the high band 24450MHz-24650MHz band further supplements and strengthens our spectrum portfolio,” added Fouchard.

The Philippines has a population of 104 million, and Net1 Philippines now has a spectrum portfolio totalling 40MHz: 20 MHz bandwidth on the LTE-enabled 450MHz frequency in addition to the 20MHz it owns in the 3.5GHz band and 200MHz on the 24450MHz-24650MHz band. All spectrum granted to Net1 Philippines is into perpetuity.

Indonesia has a population of 261 million, and Net1 Indonesia has a total 15MHz of bandwidth on the LTE-enabled 450MHz band. The spectrum granted to Net1 Indonesia is in to perpetuity.

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